The Mercat Cross of Peebles

The Mercat Cross of Peebles

On a recent trip to Peebles I managed to not only find their mercat cross but also the ruined church that supposedly contains the remains of the one and only St. Nicholas. Who knew Santa ended up in Peebles?!

The mercat cross here has some neat attributes & is quite interesting to look at – it’s on a nice base with some useful information, features sundials on the finial, and an active weather vane. It’s also right in the middle of the road, which I’m finding to be increasingly common in the small towns that keep guard of these old monuments.
If you’re heading to Peebles, you will definitely happen upon it on the main road -watch out for traffic though if you want to get closer as it forms part of a traffic island.

View of the sundials & weathervane

The base reads;

The Mercat Cross of Peebles stood near this site from the beginning of the 14th Century until 1807 when this shaft which dates from the 15th Century and the 17th century sundial were taken down . They were preserved at Kings Meadows until 1857 when Sir Adam Hay Bart returned them to the Burgh.”

*Bart short for Baronet

Continued on the other side;

“The Mercat Cross remained in the Chambers Institute Quadrangle from 1858 until 1895 when it was restored to its original position near this site by William Thorburn of Craigerne : Peebleshire County Council re-erected it on this base in 1965″

Positioned conveniently on the traffic island.

Getting there from Edinburgh:

Driving is around an hour from the city centre or you can grab a Borders Bus (x62 looks the best) which leaves every 30 minutes from the Edinburgh Bus Station.

Peebles Cross Kirk – the site of Santa’s ashes

I would like to say that we had planned to visit this Kirk but I actually had no idea it existed. We passed it in the car and found a space nearby and decided to investigate before locating the Mercat Cross. It’s not a very big site, or particularly visually arresting but it is nice for a wee nosey around.
You’ll find information for the site on the main gates.

Side Note:
I had wanted to revisit Neidpath Castle but unfortunately wasn’t aware of it being closed to the public now unless you arrange a group visit in advance.