The Mercat Cross of Aberlady

Visiting Aberlady, self-proclaimed as one of Scotland’s bonniest wee villages, you are met with several monuments that hark back to earlier days of this ancient place. One of these is their 18th century Mercat Cross that you’ll find rather quickly on the main street, and conveniently beside the bus stop.

This monument is one of the simplest Mercat Crosses we’ve come across. A simple stepped sandstone base, whose only real feature is two straps of metal around the shaft is rather plain given how beautiful and decorated the town is.

With Aberlady originally a monastic settlement you can get a great sense of the previous centuries that saw this quaint village heaving with pilgrims who stopped by on their way to the Holy Island and Iona from plaques and information dotted around. 

Add to that an intriguing and wonderful history of smuggling, you can head to the old kirkyard where you can get a great view across the water and read more from the information boards.

This and the Aberlady Cross are just a few minutes from the Mercat Cross and are worth a visit.

If coming from Edinburgh you can get the East Coast bus 124 or X24.

The 18th century Mercat Cross of Aberlady

Aberlady Mercat Cross
No need for benches at the bus stop.

Much more eye-catching is The Aberlady Cross which has an interesting story to accompany it. Well worth checking out.

The Aberlady Cross
Aberlady Cross

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