The Mercat Cross of Dunbar

An unexpected jaunt out to Dunbar last week meant I got to tick this Mercat Cross off my list!

This guarded mercat cross can be found nestled in the small grounds of the Town House on the main street.
Although Dunbar was granted trading rights by the King back in the latter half of the 14th century (1378) most parts of the cross date from the 16th century onward. Listed on Canmore they describe the red sandstone base as “comparatively modern”, without any mention of a date.

Guarded by the Town House

The twisted faces of the grotesque masks are the best part of the monument. Whilst pretty worn, they still stand out against their otherwise simplistic setting.
From descriptions I found online the finial is a thistle but honestly I don’t recall seeing it ( I think the descriptions are pretty old..) so perhaps it’s worn away.

Some gnarly grotesques

Getting here:
We drove here after visiting Goblin Ha’ near Gifford (secret amazing castle with subterranean vaulted chambers! Also known as Yester Castle).
But according to Maps – a drive from Edinburgh takes around 40 minutes or you can get the train from Waverley (26 min journey. Return ticket £12.30)

Nice view with the Town House & mercat cross together & amazingly blue sky!

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