๐ŸŒžA glorious pit-stop today on our way to Arran via Inveraray to find this unusual mercat cross from around the 1400s.

โž• A beautifully decorated ecclesiastical cross, it is rumoured to have belonged originally in a graveyard before the 3rd Earl of Argyll moved the whole town of Inveraray to New Inveraray, where it has been positioned in front of the harbour since 1839.

The memorial cross features an inscription down one side, and translated from Latin reads as:

“This is the cross of noble men, namely Duncanus MacCowan, Patricius, his son, and Mael-Moire, son of Patricius, who caused this cross to be made.โ€

I’ve included an image from a 19th century book titled The Sculptured Stones of Scotland, vol II, which shows in amazing detail the crosses intricate woven celtic vine design & carved animals.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Although not originally intended as a mercat cross, there is evidence of it being used as one before it was moved. Positioned on a 3 stepped stone base, it is a beautifully carved cross, retaining an incredible portion of its original design. The front facing portion of the cross is well worn and it was hard to identify any of the small carved animals that appear in the second image below.

You’ll find this A-listed mercat cross down by the harbour, right on the corner of Main Street East/ West & Front Street, right in the heart of the conservation area of Inveraray.
Take some loose change when visiting this one – it looks as though this cross is a lucky charm for the village!

Take a look at canmore, Argyll & Bute site, & for more information on this mercat cross.

image from a 19th century book titled The Sculptured Stones of Scotland, vol II, J. Stuart 1867